About Us


Cherry City Derby Girls are Salem, Oregon’s roller derby league. We are an Oregon State non-profit corporation that was founded in early 2009. We have approximately 150 skaters, plus a growing base of dedicated volunteers, that make up our league.


Our mission is to foster the national amateur sport of women’s roller derby through the development and support of amateur athletes and a league of teams for local and national competition.


In December 2012, we were accepted into the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) as a full member league. Having graduated from the WFTDA Apprentice Program, we now join the ranks of more than 170 all-female member leagues and 95 apprentice leagues nationwide that have united to lead the growing sport of women’s flat track roller derby.


Volunteers are an important component to the success of the Cherry City Derby Girls. The following list is an overview of the Board of Directors and current committees that help maintain CCDG. Each committee consists of a chairperson who organizes volunteers in that committee. The chair of the committee is responsible for reporting back to the Director/Board of Directors.

Meet the Cherry City Derby Girls Board of Directors and Committee Chairs. We couldn’t do it without this team of dedicated volunteers!

Johnny Marr'd
Vice President
Pugsy Malone
Thesaurus Rex
Leah Mudge
Membership Director
Sassy McFly
Events Director
Nach-Yo Friend
Development Director
Hell N'Bak
Head Referee
FairAss Bueller
Head NSO
Training Committee: Gracie O'Malice
Cherry Blossoms Junior Coaches: Country Bumpkin
Level 1 Coach: Alixher, Scarberry Shortskate, Gracie O’Malice, Dixie Licorice
Level 2 Coach: Country Bumpkin, Raw Footage, Ms Pummel Her, Charm School Reject
Level 1 Rep: Susan Reunion
Level 2 Rep: Amy Mettler
Interleague Coordinator: Slay D Godiva
Event Volunteers: Bola Constrict Her
Art Director: Calamity Dame
Photo Coordinator: Pugsy Malone
Bylaw Committee: Thesaurus Rex
Attendance: Felanie
Volunteers: Damn Neesia
Returning & Transfer Skater Liaison: Raw Footage
Finance: Leah Mudge
Merchandise: Fifty Shades of Cray
Sponsorship: Ovary Acting
Fundraising: Vacant
Community Outreach: Pugsy Malone
Public Relations: Calamity Dame
Publicity: JabHer Jaws
Website: Slay D Godiva
Facilities Coordinator: Country Bumpkin, Lucy Skates N' Diamonds, Jewel B. Sorry
WFTDA Representatives: s'Xbox ThreeSixty
Medical Committee: Misch DaMean'her
Safety Officer: Ms. Pummel Her
Head of Security: Jim Wallsinger
Community Outreach

The Cherry City Derby Girls’ outreach efforts focus on local organizations that give back to the community that has been so accepting of the league by raising funds and donating our time. During the 2012 season, CCDG has raised over $3,600 for various charity organizations.

League members have come together to participate in various money raising races, cleaning our Adopt-A-Street on D Street, and supporting groups including but not limited to Law Enforcement for Youth, Marion-Polk Food Share, and American Red Cross’ Japanese Earthquake efforts.

For the 2013 season, CCDG’s home teams have all taken on a specific local charity to support:
- Dolls of Anarchy: Liberty House
- Panty Raiders: Marion Polk Food Share
- Rydell Belles: Mid-Valley Women’s Crisis Services
- Thrill Kill Kittens: Salem Friends of Felines

Cherry City Derby Girls Press Kit

CCDG At a Glance

Founded: April 2009

Who: 150+ skaters and volunteers

Teams: Dolls of Anarchy, Panty Raiders, Rydell Belles, Thrill Kill Kittens, 8 Wheel Assassins, Boneyard Brawlers

Venue: The Mad House, 1335 Madison St NE, Salem, Oregon 97301

Website: www.cherrycityderbygirls.com

Bout Schedule: www.cherrycityderbygirls.com/events.html

Media Contact: info@cherrycityderbygirls.com

WFTDA National Media Kit

Roller Derby Revolution
With a membership of over 150 skaters and growing, the Cherry City Derby Girls (CCDG) is a skater-owned league here in Salem where women athletes of all ages and abilities can participate in the sport of flat track roller derby. CCDG is a part of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association and joins teams from all over the USA in promoting roller derby as a way to combine athleticism and creativity along with empowerment and healthy lifestyle. Our skaters come from all walks of life – professionals, mothers, daughters, students, wives and partners, college students, and more and are committed to the success of CCDG and roller derby in Salem.

What is Roller Derby?
Roller Derby is a fast-paced game played around an oval track by athletes on roller skates. Two teams of “blockers” compete to get their “jammer” through the pack of blockers to score points. However, because skaters are playing offense and defense at the same time, there is always a lot of action trying to score points. A “bout” is split into two 30-minute periods that are taken up with “jams” that last up to 2 minutes each. There is constant action, great entertainment, serious competition, and a lot of fun packed into each Roller Derby bout experience.

In the Community
CCDG has a strong commitment to giving back to Salem with a featured non-profit organization at every bout. We give back through regular involvement and through promotion of the many good works in our city. We believe that a part of our success depends on our skaters giving back to Salem. Each skater is required to give volunteer hours monthly to be in good standing with the League. CCDG is working to help make Salem an even better place to be!